Tuesday, September 29, 2009



I've been completely captivated
By an article which stated
That there's a charge of elctricity
Which can be tapped from a growing tree!
Not enough to save the earth
But an amount of a certain worth.
Enough to power small alarms
In bush-fire-threatened spots, like farms.
At the moment men patrol
Watching for bush-fires; that's their role.
There are also alarms which are quite expensive,
Covering areas more extensive.
If we used the power of a tree
It's small alarm, periodically,
Sending items of information
Back to the main fire-fighting station,
We'd be saving many an hour
Of man-hours and expensive power.
I'm very keen on this because
In a bush-fire country such as Oz
The looming summer holds a threat
That mankind hasn't defeated  yet.
Let's hope it's not a vague pipe-dream
That never gets to the world's main-stream!
I'll listen and wait because, you see,
I like the word 'electricitree!'

Not such a useful use for science here:

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