Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a Blow!

'Oh!' they say 'I love the smell of whites dried in the breeze!
What a shame we've lost the joy of pleasures such as these!
To see them flapping side by side, merrily in a row,
Each one scrubbed and boiled and bleached and looking white as snow!
Too bad such pleasures have been scrapped by our modern way of life.
There was something really noble once about the role of wife.'
But hear the little woman sigh, as the clothes blow ever higher,
'Hurry, hurry, quick as you can! Someone invent the dryer!'
A similar theme here:


Susie said...

I love this poem!

Alan Burnett said...

Not just the role of wife but also the role of husband in this modern world of gender equality. Our dryer broke down recently and I had to rediscover the art of hanging clothes out to dry. It took me a bit to master "pegging-out" but eventually found a good internet site which showed you how to do it!

Unknown said...

I like the image you chose and the ditty! :-) Have you ever seen the ones of NY women hanging up wash? I think it's American painter John Sloan - one of the painters of the Ashcan School.

Darlene said...

Amen! I froze my fingers hanging my son's diapers out every day until I got a dryer. I don't miss the smell of clothes taken off the line at all.

Kat said...

'Hurry, hurry, quick as you can! Someone invent the dryer!'

looks each generation would say...

It is 'dryer' the other side..!!!