Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Diary


The ladies featured in our local news this week. In the first place we were delighted to receive a medal at the Winter Olympics! As you can imagine, Australia doesn't get much snow, so all aspiring winter athletes have to have enough money to train overseas. Torah Bright is certainly a local heroine!

Torah Bright

Then, we learned that we are to get our first Saint! Mary McKillop has been revered for years by local Catholics and there will certainly be a big shindig in October when the actual canonisation takes place.

Mary McKillop

Finally, we lost an Aboriginal 'icon', Ruby Hunter, a well-known singer, who sang in a strange individual manner, with a very heartfelt style. She died in her fifties. The early deaths of Aborigines is of great concern to Australians, but no amount of intervention seems to improve things.

Ruby Hunter

As to my own life, it continued in its accustomed uneventful but enjoyable style. Harry had to take a 'photo of his family' to school on Monday and I was roped-in to do the honours as we hadn't an up-to-date shot. The first one was rejected because Greg said they all looked too hot! (Well, they were.)

Rejected photo.

The second one was more acceptable, although I think Greg looks grim!


Later in the week Michelle, seen in the photo, had bad news. Her brother David had been flown home from Hong Kong with heart problems and was in hospital in Sydney. She and the rest of her family have been up and down to Sydney to visit him in hospital since then. We're hoping it's not serious.Greg has taken the boys camping this weekend, but Michelle has gone back to Sydney to see her brother.

Also on Monday I went to my Probus Committee meeting and I found myself putting up my hand to be Assistant Secretary in the coming year! I hope the actual Secretary, my friend, Gwenda, remains healthy! We had choir practice in the afternoon. I was berated because I hadn't brought all my music; I can't find it! (Not too good for a future Asst. Sec!!)

On Tuesday we put on another of my melodramas at a local club. We had to slot in a new member, Maria, as one of the actors, as the normal player was unavailable. She did a great job. In the photo, taken when we were eating our very welcome refreshments, we all look somber in black. This is because we all wear black and put on 'costumes' on stage.

Not a wake!
On Tuesday evening we held our Book Group meeting at Pat's home. She and her husband live in a penthouse so it was a very grand venue compared to my little home. We discussed 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'. Opinions were divided about the book, but I enjoyed being Leader and asking all the questions!

I ruined this shot by leaving my handbag on the chair!

Wednesday was Scrabble Day. We had an enjoyable afternoon at Shirley's house but I forgot to take my camera! On Thursday I had to go for a Bone Density test which was a non-event, and then I drove over to Becca's to visit her and Little Max (he'll probably be called that when he's fifty!). We stayed in because he had the sniffles. Rebecca showed me the 'dossier' (!) taken from the Web, that she's prepared for their NZ holiday in April. All very efficient! Let's hope all goes to plan! She and Brian are busy dismantling their old bathroom this weekend. They intend to demolish their present house and rebuild, but they've found they can't put up with the old bathroom in the interim, so they've bought one on Ebay and are installing it themselves. Rather them than me!

Till next week,


Jo said...

As usual, I love your diary, Brenda. I love the family photo (especially the first one!) but am sorry about Michelle's brother. Thanks for sharing your interesting week.

Gill - That British Woman said...

busy week for you, praying Michelle's brother makes a full recovery.

Gill in Canada

Kat said...

Extending a warm welcome to the new Asst Sec. of Probus committee..!!!1

A leaf from your diary can make the youngsters go green with envy. How eventful.

Pray that Michelle's brother recovers soon.

Cheryl said...

Wow, what an action-packed week for you. I like the family photos you took, very lovely family, Do hope Michelle's brother is recovering. Now I must go take a nap as I am very worn out from following all your activities. Have a lovely week.