Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping; Then and Now.



Oh the joy of it! Oh the thrill!
The Pedlar's coming over the hill!
Shall I buy some laces or cotton thread,
Or a little kerchief for my head?
Last time he came I bought a pin
And a little thimble made of tin!
Such treasures he carries! My heart beats fast
When he finally tops the hill at last.
He opens his pack and there they lie,
The little geegaws that I can buy!
He's trudged through mud and driving rain!
When will he come this way again?
I count my pennies! I can afford
A piece of lace. Oh Praise the Lord!
I'll sew it on my Sunday gown
And be the envy of the town!
Oh it's my happiest day today,
Because the Pedlar's come this way!
Oh what a nuisance! What a bore!
Today I'm going to the store!
Will I find a spot to park the car?
What bad drivers some shoppers are!
I'll be in a rush; I always am!
I mustn't forget the raspberry jam!
Here's the aisle, so now 'Which sort?
He didn't like the last lot I bought'.
There are fifty types of jam in view.
How can I tell which one will do?
Oh! Something new! A special curry!
I'll grab one of those! I'm in a hurry!
On the way home I must pick up Kate!
Oh look at the time! I'm already late!
Hallo Greta! Hallo Polly.
No need to barge into my trolly!
Just can't wait to get out the door!
Shopping is my least favourite chore!

The history of haberdashing here:


geraldgee said...

Save yet more time
And do it on line

Sorry !

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

SUPRISE! Happy Birthday ....
Brenda we are throwing you a Birthday Party, Please join us!

mrsnesbitt said...

Great stuff Brenda!

Anonymous said...

To think in some places they still come to your home( but like geraldgee says, you still hafta go on line to get it, wot? ) One of our supermarket chains delivers!

Sunny said...

When I was a child growing up in England, I remember pedlars coming around with various wares. I also recall the Rag and Bone Man, he would give you a goldfish if you gave him some old clothing. Times have certainly changed, not necessarily for the better!
Your poetry brings me much enjoyment.
Sunny :)