Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainbow Warriors

From 'About Seniors' Magazine


How old age has changed! How it's different now!
The elderly on life's stage! Baby take a bow!
I recall my grandmother, younger, far, than I,
Dressed in black from head to foot, no longer fleet and spry.
Not that I could parade around in the outfits on this page!
Such were never the younger 'me'; it's got nothing to do with age.
But how I admire their attitude, and their relationship too!
Still, after what may be many years, a very definite 'two'.
We find the young a mystery; and that's how they find us;
They mock our taste in music and our passes for the bus.
But here's to our Second Childhood! What a time of freedom it is!
Open up the champagne and fizz, fizz, fizz!

The idols of our youth here:


B : ) said...

Ahhh the baby boomers from the 60's don't age quietly, do we?? I just want to know what happened to his pants.

Martha said...

Great colors! Hey, I think that's me in the future ;-)

Ricepatty said...

Hilarious rhyme! Terrific picture for CC - YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Vicki ~ FL said...

When I saw this I thought of Martha:~) ....that could be her in the future!!

rallentanda said...

And I raise a glass of champagne to us cool old flower power
children. Let the good times roll!

Linda :) said...

I love Tye Dye! :)