Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cinnamon Cat



I'm a black tom-cat, all sleek and fat.
A no-nonsense cat, never doubt that!
I eat fish-heads found in the gutter;
Stale bits of bread with rancid butter.
I howl with rage in the dead of night
To give old ladies an awful fright.
My name is Blade, a good strong name,
A name that puts pussy-cat names to shame.
My fur is as black as the jet black night,
And my eyes shine with a malevolant light.
I'm rough and tough and entirely male
From the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail.
But something's changed, I'm a ball of fur!
I love to cuddle! I love to purr!
I've never been in love before!
But now I've met Cinnamon, the cat next door!

Another feline story here:


doyle and mollie said...


Jo said...

Excellent. I love cats (have seven at home in SA) and this black cat looks just like my Puff at home.

Blue said...

That is just so sweet.
And your Cinnomon cat is a dead ringer for Misses Peach


Marinela said...

Enjoyable and very well written poem
Thanks for sharing :)

LV said...

What a cute post for today. The poem of the kitty is very good.

Tigerbrite said...

I absolutely love it !