Monday, February 1, 2010

An Illusory Guitar!


This is my blood-relation,
Doing this strange gyration!
Cousin Richard's son
Having lots of fun
With a lot of animation!
It's the Air Guitar he's playing;
The expression he's conveying
Denotes  the thrill
Of this noble skill
And the music he's portraying.
To play the Air Guitar;
And be considered a star,
You give an illusion,
 Creating confusion,
And folk say how great you are!
I believe there are A.G. schools
Where people learn the rules.
If you're young and lithe
And you can writhe
You already possess the tools!
Now this was some years ago;
Matthew's cut his hair, I know.
He's a family man!
I doubt if he can
Find time to put on a show.
Maybe one of his sons will say
'I want something cheap to play'
'There'd nothing to spend!
All you do is pretend!
Here's the music! Start right away!'



SmilingSally said...

Happy Blue Monday.

Suburban Girl said...

Adorable poem! Great subject.

Dianne said...

air guitar requires such upper body strength ;)

Jim said...

That's a nice poem, Rinky.
I haven't seen your OSI or Haiku Bones lately. Guess we both are still doing it, just not peeking in on each other.
Happy MW Blues--it linked to here but I don't see the MWB credit or link?

Anonymous said...

Brenda, what a terrific idea for an illusion. I enjoyed that.

RJ Clarken said...

Brenda - how funny, clever and creative you are! I so enjoyed this!

totomai said...

i think i saw on TV some musical illusions and it requires talent too. you have presented a great illusion here, introducing us to not-so-famous musicality

annell4 said...


annell4 said...

I thought I made a comment? Perfect!

Reflections said...

Oh but the talent they show... such wonderful, flawless music flows here.

Gloria said...

What a fun idea for the prompt! Enjoyed this one a lot!