Saturday, September 12, 2009


Call me old-fashioned, well, I am, it cannot be denied,
But tattooed flesh of any sort I just cannot abide!
Firstly, I doubt the character of anyone tattooed:
I always think they're going to be quite rabble-rousing rude!
Of course, I'm often wrong; I find I've jumped to false conclusions,
And those aspects of their characters are just my own illusions.
But tattooed people always seem distinctly on the nose,
Even if the 'tat' in question is a single rose!
As for those 'works of art' who've covered every inch of skin,
Who think they'll make a meal of it as soon as they begin,
Well, they're beyond my comprehension, quite beyond the pale;
I try to understand them all but invariably fail.
Is it a form of showing-off, saying 'Look! I've stood the pain!'
Whatever the psychology it goes against the grain!
Leaving morals to one side, I don't find it aesthetic!
A single motif maybe, but a mixture is pathetic!
And people who're tattooed are always set-up for regret,
If they wear the name of someone that they go on to forget!
Finally, there is 'growing-up' and getting rid of fads;
Young boys and girls have a habit of becoming Mums and Dads.
Eventually they're elderly; their skin a mess of wrinkles!
Imagine all those tattooed shapes distorted by the crinkles!
Fashion is a funny thing, changing as time goes by.
When they look in the mirror will they laugh.....or will they cry?

More regret here:


Sherri B. said...

lol...this was very clever! Great post with a lovely rhythm. :~)

Glowby said...

I share your fuddy-duddiness on this. Very clever post!

chrome3d said...

I never understood tattoos either. Especially on the face.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, as much as some of the tats can be artful, I've never seen the need or use of them, myself. Still tat free after 41 years!

anthonynorth said...

A great poem, that. My single tattoo is rather small and can be easily hidden under a shirt sleeve. The mentality, in my youth, that caused me to have it is simply explained - I was drunk :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow..just loved your rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Wow..just loved your rhyme.

keiths ramblings said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Like you I wonder what some of those bodily works of art will look like in 50 years time!

b said...

I have gotten over daughter-in-law if director of Prehospital Services for the State of Oregon. Her tattoo as beautiful and she has raised the most amazing family you will ever know.

But I know how you feel. In the end I suppose it will not matter any more than it does to a tribes man with tattoos. They are in fact images that sets him apart.


floreta said...

i don't agree with you but it's a funny limerick! i love all art forms including tattoos, especially tastefully done. i know that there are definitely 'extremes' that i don't care for!

Nita Jo said...

Totally enjoyed your post, as always! You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Thanks for a bright moment at the end of a very long day.

Nita Jo