Wednesday, May 6, 2009


                                      Norman Rockwell.

Letter 'P'


Portly person, plebian taste,
With a 'Pollock'-type painting faced.
Stands and cogitates a while
Working-out the artist's style.
Thinks himself quite educated,
But finds that he's intimidated!
Stands bemused and full of doubt
Knowing he must work it out!
Maybe these are coloured stars!
Should he hunt about for Mars?
Maybe it's flowers in a bed!
He thinks he rather likes the red.
He feels a certain sense of guilt
When likening it to a patchwork quilt!
Pieces of paper scattered round?
And snow? It's snowy, he'll be bound.
Now he seeks some satisfaction
By turning his thoughts toward abstraction.
Greed? Enthusiasm? Strife?
Something like 'Taking a Chance on Life'?
He knows a comment is expected;
Now the work has been dissected........
At the risk of sounding rather quaint
He finally says
'I know! It's PAINT!'

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mrsnesbitt said...

Perfectly Put Poetry princess! LOL!


Mara said...

I love the painting, but not the painting in the painting. Way too busy! It's a great concept though.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Your poetry made me smile!

Miss_Yves said...

I didn't know this word...I learnt something today !
The painting is great and you poem perfect !The last sentence make us understand the purpose of abstraction.

naturglede said...

Very good! Have a fun abc:)

Dogwalkmusings said...

Bingo! Why have I never thought of that?

Babooshka said...

You always rise to the challenge with aplomb.

Granny Smith said...

What a great story built around the Norman Rockwell illustration! A wonderfully humorous verse - as usual!

Margaret Gosden said...

Good try with the type of painting, but it is not a Pollock type at all. Too square, not enough drips and blobs and free feeling of thrown paint! Still, its Rockwell all right, showing us what he thinks of modern abstraction, not understood as well as his own illustrative work. You have shown just how much art appreciation suffers when it is the first subject to be dropped in schools when there's a money crunch. A good punch line!

Tumblewords: said...

Painterly - Poetical- Rockwellian - Wonderful P!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Love it! Wonderful "P!"

Kat said...

A bull's eye guess, in climax :)))