Monday, September 7, 2009

Left Behind

Brenda Bryant


I am not prone to nightmares but one lingers in my mind,
It involves being with people and being left behind.
As a child there were always railings that inhabited my dream;
I touched a railing, stuck to it and couldn't even scream.
And my mother and her friend just kept on walking on and on!
They didn't even look around to see where I had gone!
And the scream I made was in my head; I didn't make a sound,
And there was nothing I could do to make them look around.
I remember my mother chatting with her usual animation,
With absolutely no concern for my dreadful situation.
I can't remember how it ended; I suppose I just awoke
And, in the morning sunlight the whole thing seemed a joke.
This photograph has captured the nightmare I recall.
That sense of being Left Behind that can assail us all.

A better sort of dreaming here:


Miriam Elisabeth ツ said...

Nice picture.
And the nigthmare you describe is really a nigthmare. I have experiensed that a few times...

Kilauea Poetry said...

That is certainly an intriguing shot (especially when enlarged) and does highlight the significance of your dream. I know exactly what you mean too. I had nightmares as a kid and those memories come back- Have a nice Sunday-

Anonymous said...

You have a good eye for a picture and I believe you never thought you did. This is good - and well illustrates your particular dreamscape.

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, the two images go so well together! And the dream is familiar too, especially in monochrome. That sense of being left behind, or looking back at oneself stuck to a fence!

Liz Hinds said...

Oooh, nasty dream!! (Last night I dreamt I was in a pantomime!) Good shot too.

Daryl said...

Nice shot, compliments your prose

Rune Eide said...

We have all had that feeling, and this picture illustrate it very well. Black and white is a must here.

Kat said...

thank God I don't have such nightmares..!!!!

my only sad feeling of being left behind is.... I am still trailing in Sep 09 and everyone is in Jan 2010 :-(