Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Juliet's Balcony


'Every picture tells a story'. You must have heard that said.
And this is the famous balcony of which you've often read.
Well, this picture tells two stories; there's the balcony of course.
And then the crowds of tourists, gathered there in force.
Let's look back at the story of Romeo et al,
A tale resembling the musical called....wait.....'Me and My Gal'.
No, I'm not being disrespectful! Any student would avow
That the lovers were teenage sweethearts, as we understand that now.
Their love might not have stayed the course; fate didn't give it time
Because their little dalliance was cut short by a crime.
Had they both lived to a ripe old age their ancient love-affair
Might have proved to be a nothing; we wouldn't even care!
It's Shakespeare's words that turned the tale into into an epic story!
His language turned a dalliance into a glimpse of glory.
But he never went to Verona, and the story itself was old,
Long before a famous Bard turned it into gold!

But surely the balcony itself is a genuine artifact!
(I'll try to ruin your romance with a modicum of tact!)
The city of Verona had a tourist industry,
And, with Juliet in mind, looked around for a balcony.
'This one will do' somebody said; 'We think the age is right.
It's really rather picturesque! Yes, it will do alright!'
So now the tourists flock to gaze at 'Juliet's Balcony'
Not realising they've been duped! What rank duplicity!
Yet still there lingers in my mind the urge to be serenaded
As I stand upon a balcony! The dream has never faded.
The alchemy has done it's work; I'm influenced even yet
By the magic of the love-affair....'Romeo and Juliet.'

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quilly said...

Oooookay, since Romeo & Juliet weren't real, who would believe they had an actual balcony? Never mind, don't answer that. I fear I know .... [shakes head]

Loved the poem!

Mara said...

There are worse dupes out there!
Loved the poem (as usual).

Sylvia K said...

Great shots and words for the "J" day!



Hildred said...

A new twist on Romeo and Juliet - the balcony looks very romantic and I really like your poem.

magiceye said...

lovely poem

Rune Eide said...

One definition of artifact is: A structure or finding in an experiment or investigation that is not a true feature of the object under observation, but is a result of external action, the test arrangement, or an experimental error. (Wikionary). So it all fits...

I hope I didn't take away the romance :-)

Jay said...

It's funny that they invented a Juliet's balcony, but if tourists weren't gullible, they wouldn't do it, would they? As someone else said, it's a fictional tale, why would there be a real balcony? LOL!

Tumblewords: said...

Unrequited love always draws the heart! In a pinch, I guess any balcony will do the trick! Great J!

Joy said...

Ah the power of the imagination to make things real. Who would want to go and look at a balcony (mmm seems quite a lot of people from the photo) when there is such a fantastic Roman coliseum there.

Roger Owen Green said...

where the heck ARE you, ROMEO?

Rose said...

How very clever of the people of Verona to create an "authentic" tourist attraction:) Having taught Romeo and Juliet to freshman English students for more than 30 years, I appreciate your comment that it's Shakespeare's language that has made this story immortal. My students, though, loved the teenage angst in the story:)

Bradley Hsi said...

How disappointing, I thought that is really the Juilet's Balcony!!!!! It looks real!

Kat said...

Balconies are an important accessory in lovey 'guy and gal' matters..!!!