Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In The Flesh!

                                                Gerald Gee


Once more I'm drawn to Gerald Gee,
This time to a cartoon.
A sense of humour such as his
Is a veritable boon.
Just look at the expression
 In that naughty daddy's eye!
With three lines the artist's
Made him guilty but quite sly!
So let's consider his response!
He's got to make it slick.
' I'm studying anatomy'
That might do the trick.
'I thought it was your Mother'
Now there's a lovely thought.
' I didn't notice they were nude!'
Would be a good retort.
With these few lines the artist
Has created a situation,
Which all of us can laugh at
Enjoying his creation.
Yet on his blog you'll  find his art,
Paintings of every kind.
I chanced on Gerald the other day,
And oh what a lovely find!

For Gerald's latest work come here:


Anonymous said...

Wonderful little poem here, Brenda! And interesting link to Mr. Gee. Thanks for sharing all :)

geraldgee said...

thanks Brenda....was wondering why my stats shot up..:O)

Rinkly Rimes said...

Looking at Rhett I wish it were your temperature that had shot up! (Did you know Clark had halitosis? Have you?)

geraldgee said...

never got near enough to find out though one of my brothers made a film with him (Misfits)

geraldgee said...

Art director,now called production designer.he worked on most of the John Huston films

Kat said...

Probably the kid give another jab to the Dad with a prayer... Lord, please provide dress to all the poor women dad sees in the computer :)))