Friday, September 25, 2009

All In The Game?

By coincidence MEME EXPRESS suggests
'All In The Game', the old Tommy Edwards song
as a jumping-off point today.

I think it's a wonderful song, one of my favourites.
You can hear it at


Today is Grand Final Day here in Australia and this is a heartfelt cry!


Oh what a terrible bore!
They are all in The Game!
Mad for the silly old game with an oval ball!
One must paint ones face
To be counted in the human race!
And I find I just don't care at all!
I'm simply not a good sport
When it comes to The Game!
When it is on the TV
I just hide my head
I don't know the teams!
And I hate their shouts and raucous screams!
So I'll simply go to bed!

The 2008 mood here:

1 comment:

Kat said...

Which exactly is what I'm doing with all the IPL cricket being played here..!!!

It's more fun reading how they are taking people for a ride..!!!