Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shoo Sand!



I'm wrestling with a snake!
He's wriggling!
Well, for goodness sake!
Now I'm giggling?
Sand between my toes!
It's scratching!
Down the drain it goes!
Max down by the sea!
But not now
Because he's grown, at three, 
A lot now!
Days down at the beach!
Already out of reach.
How frightful!
Time goes by so fast!
He's growing!
Last year's days have past!
No slowing!
Pictures on a screen
Remind us
Of a time-past scene,
Now behind us.

Quite a different snake story here:


Sylvia K said...

And what a precious little shadow that one is!! I love it and I love your words, as always! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Brenda!


Beverley Baird said...

I love your poem! And the photo is priceless!
Great post!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a cute little guy very intent on getting a job done! Or is he really fascinated with the fall of water? And his shadow is so well defined!

Laura said...


Ralph said...

The little guy is at an age where he wants to learn, to see how it is done. His job is to learn, so he goes to work every day picking up all he can. So much to see and discover...

A Wild Thing said...

If Scratchy was there, she'd be going crazy chasing the water stream...sweet toddler!

wanderlust said...

Great photo, fun post. So cute!

Hey Harriet said...

Haha! I adore both poem and photo! Fantastic. Thanks for the giggles :)

Animor said...

Very cute photo of the baby, love its shadow...

Unknown said...

Adorable. There's nothing more universally human than a child absorbed in play and experimentation with the world!