Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Power of Red


The sleeves of books are works of art;
They play a quite tremendous part
In drawing the eye in the right direction
Instigating a close inspection.
And RED is the colour that leaps right out!
It seems to bully us and shout
'Here is something that you should read!
Here's a book that you really need!'
Is it because of 'blood', I wonder!
Is that the spell we're really under?
Do we think of pain and hurt?
Is that the reason we're alert?
I really like the above design,
But is that because I think 'blood red wine'?
Judge for yourself!  See here below
The other designs I've put on show.

See how they warn of what's in store!
Blood and guts and death and gore!
If you want a gentler read
Maybe blue is what you need!

Another take on literature here:


Animor said...

Red is a powerful color and have different meaning. It would be nice if all the symbol for red is heart shape. All we need is love and peace.

I love your writing. Thanks for sharing.

lynda Howells said...

red is certainly a strong colour..for love and hate! happy ruby Tuesday to youxlynda

Raven said...

Well said.