Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Wind!

Press Photograph


We had a Hell on Earth experience, here, one day last year.
We woke expecting skies to be, as usual, crystal clear.
Instead, a dust storm had blown up from Australia's arid zone;
The very worst dust-storm that folk from here had ever known!
Millions of tonnes of bright red dust had been blown up in the sky
From deserts in the inland where it's always hot and dry.
The dust was dumped on us by night; we woke to a world of red!
Particles of crimson 'smoke' whirled around each head.
And all the while the wind was blowing, and the air was hot.
Talk about the End of the World! I think we got the lot!
Here you see the palm trees, thrown sideways by the gale
Which made the tree trunks bend and bow and the palm fronds flail.
Meanwhile the luckless humans battled to make their way!
We're grateful it was a 'one-off' , that unbelievable day!

Wind of a different colour here:

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Margaret Gosden said...

Must have been suffocating! Good to record these penomena, both in rime and visually. I am reminded of the deadly current volcanic cloud now covering nothern Europe!