Sunday, April 25, 2010





It's Steamfest Day in the Hunter, a celebration of Steam
And seeing an old steam engine seems to be everyone's dream.
There are Jazz Bands and Picnic Parties, and farm implements on display.
All in all it's a rollicking Good Time sort of day.
Here the bridge is crowded, to see an old engine pass.
'Look at its lines' they're saying, 'Hasn't it got some class!'
The fact that I'm also a relic doesn't even turn a head!
In my next incarnation I'll be a Steam Train instead!

Another railway event here:


Vicki said...

I've always had a thing for trains. The dirtier and noisier the better.

I hope you have dried out from the dawn service. I was thinking of going until I heard it was going to rain. I know, not in the spirit of the Anzacs.

Sonya said...

Love the poem and photo!! have a fantastic week!

Julie said...

Me too ... I love the old steam trains. I love the new electric trains too. With my new trusty Seniors Card I can travel a whole swag of our wonderful state for $2.50. Yesterday I went to Lithgow and I will tell you more about it on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

i liked this post very much. but ive always likeed trains and have started to photograph them myself.
have a wonderful week

Amy DM said...

I love trains! Some of my best memories are of traveling by train in India.

Here from SIMC. Have a great day!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I used to take a train everyday to work when I was in New York-- but never one as cool as this.

Thanks for sharing,
SMIC in Los Angeles

Inay said...

Harry Potter uses train
to travel to and fro
certain of it so
no other road to spring forth to

no traffic...
no bumpers to bumpers...
simply irresistible
to simply sat
and view the world

Unknown said...

Fabulous poem, as always.

Have a happy Sunday!

Lindz said...

trains of all kinds always fascinates me too, in fact, my whole family are into trains, I've got some really good ones that I should share when i see opportunity. We have here in NSW a place called "zigzag" which is up there in Lithgow at the blue mountains, we always go tehre just to amuse ourselves with trains.

Lindz said...

and not to mention the sounds of their engines and when the whistle blows ohh aren't they sounds wonderful?

Sylvia K said...

Love trains and your words and I think I'll come back as a train, too!! Fun post for the day, Brenda! Hope your week is off to a great start!


Claudya Martinez said...

You really do have a unique way of looking at things.