Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh Woe is Me!


No diary page this week I fear!
A time of tribulation's here!
My camera has done the dirty!
No wonder I am feeling shirty!
Not only has downloading ceased
Annoying, just to say the least,
But all my photos since last May
Have disappeared! Just gone away!
What did I press? What did I do?
It's like a nightmare coming true!
The little boys, the holidays,
The country walks, the coastal bays,
The visitors and celebrations,
The friends and their participations!
Maybe I'll find them yet, elsewhere,
I'm hoping, yet I hardly dare!
No diary page at all this week
For I am playing hide-and-seek!


Margaret Gosden said...

That is bad news. Even if they were accidentally trashed they might be retrievable? And there is always the backup thingy, if you ever took up that advice. Fingers crossed that you will find them.

Unknown said...

How frustrating to lose your photos! Cute poem, though!