Saturday, April 10, 2010

Every Which Way

                                         Brenda Bryant



An empty aircraft hangar
And sunlight on the floor,
With verticals, and parallels
And a very great deal more!
A purely industrial vision,
Yet pleasing to the eye,
As the hangar waits for a whirring sound
Coming from the sky!
Rather a sad helicopter story here:


Sandra said...

Very interesting angles. Nice shot!

Bette said...

nice pic and story.

Jama said...

lines, lines, going everywhere!

Gemma Wiseman said...

An aircraft hangar is a unique response for the vertical theme! Great series of verticals here!

Scott Law said...

Creative find. I like your “angle” on the vertical theme.

Sara Katt said...

I liked your poem very much. You are such a good writer of verse or whatever.
My name is Sara and I am an ordinary house cat. But I have my own blog and I do what I can with my own two paws!
Sara Cat

Carolyn Ford said...

and, yes...I see vertical! Great choice for the theme!