Friday, April 9, 2010

Lavender Literature



The opening page of a story-book;
I wonder what lies within.
It must be a Lavender story
So why don't we begin.....
"Olivia was a Princess
Who lived in Lavender Land.
She, of course, was beautiful
And her Palace was very grand.
The Palace was set in Lavender fields 
That stretched out far and wide,
Great blooming piles of lavender
Abounding on every side.
Olivia dressed in lavender.
(Well, what else could she do?)
And on each dainty little foot
She wore a lavender shoe!
Her Palace was delightful
But she lived in it alone,
And every day she wished and wished
For a lover of her own.
One day, while gazing over the fields
She spied a handsome man,
Cutting swathes of lavender,
And she thought of  a clever plan....
She took a shoe from a dainty foot
And threw it in the air!
It landed by the handsome man
But he didn't see it there!
He continued with his picking
Till he came upon the shoe,
And he bent down and he picked it up.
(Well, what else would he do?)
Of course, he went up to the castle,
And knocked on the great front door,
Feeling rather nervous
As he'd not been there before.
'I found this dainty slipper'
He stuttered, looking shy,
'I thought I'd better bring it here
As I was passing by.'
The servant was about to snatch it
When, down the steps from above
Ran the Princess Olivia
And, of course,
**** **** ** ****
No prizes for completing the last line!
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Carolyn Ford said...

If the first page is lavender, it must be a great book! Clever post!