Friday, April 2, 2010



Letter 'K'


Pity the Kleptomaniac, he's not a low-down thief,
His is a mental problem which often brings him grief.
A burglar steals because his aim is utterly financial;
He'll sell-on stolen property; the rewards will be substantial.
But a kleptomaniac steals little things, valueless at times,
And he can't quite get his mind round why he's out committing crimes!
He gets home, after shopping, to discover he has things
That aren't the slightest use to him! Forget about diamond rings!
Paper-clips and chewing-gum, odd items such as these!
And apprehension by the Law can bring him to his knees!
They suffer a compulsion which cannot be explained;
Kleptomaniacs should be pitied, rather than disdained!

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Roger Owen Green said...

Great poem of compassion.

Sorry to take so long to comment; I've been away.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!