Sunday, April 4, 2010

Helpful Hints


I'm a Domestic Goddess too,
Though maybe not as good as you!
Here are some hints to help you cope,
Rather than sit around and mope!
Have children crayoned on your wall
In bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall?
Dip a damp rag in baking soda....
Little rubbing and no odour.
Now your walls are looking fine!
(Keep those little B's in line!)
If you wish to open an envelope and do it on the sly,
Put it in the freezer and you'll find, as time goes by
That it will open easily and your tinkering wont show.
You can even seal it up again and nobody will know.
Of course, I've never tried this. I'm as honest as the day!
But I thought you'd find it useful! I've nothing more to say!
Cleaning windows is no joke
But do try varying your stroke;
Top to bottom when outside;
Indoors go from side to side.
That way you will surely see
Where annoying streaks may be.

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