Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reprinted with Relief!


I blogged this verse a year ago, almost to the day;
I knew my 'say' meant nothing but I had to have my say.
And now, thanks to Obama, the impossible's come true
There's still a long, long way to go but at least the end's in view.
Let's hope that common-sense holds sway and that we can all take heart!
It's not yet a safe and friendly world
By maybe it's a start.
(April 24th 2009)

All right! I'm an old granny and I'm probably naive,
But I have to speak out forthrightly and say what I believe.
I don't refer to Mum and Dad, two kids and pussy-cat.
No, the Family I speak of is much more grim than that!
I speak of the 'Nuclear Family' as all those great World Powers
That blithely say to others 'Hands off! The bomb is ours!'
Iran and North Korea may be an awful worry
But they won't discard their nuclear plans, not in any hurry.
But, dare I say it? Silly me! Couldn't the USA
Decide to get rid of all its bombs, yes, throw them all away?
(Well, maybe keep just one in case the others played unfair!)
Surely they cannot need the awful pile that they have there!
Then others with their stock-piles would want to play the game!
And surely those Rogue Nations would want to do the same!
The Bomb has loomed for my whole life (and that is pretty long!)
Will someone please explain to me why this idea is wrong!


Gattina said...

Wonderful ! congratulations ! you said it !

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I remember our walks on the Westgate promenade (UK) in the early 1950s and our gloomy discussions about the discovery of the bomb. I am reminded of one of Gandhi's common sense quotes about those who do not think about the horrific consequences of wars.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Thank You for your visit today. Have a great day..Julian