Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Morning


This golden glow invaded my room.
My eyes blinked, then grew wide.
There, onto my wall, by the mirror,
I saw the shadow slide.
I lay transfixed by its beauty;
The colour, the play of light,
The shadows of leaves from the garden
The contrast of dark and light.
My camera lay quite near me;
I only had to lean
Without stirring from my pillow
I recorded the little scene.
A gift for me at dawning;
The sun beginning to peep.
And then I started yawning
Turned over, and went back to sleep!
The delights of sleep here:


Sylvia K said...

Lovely, mysterious shadow shot and great words as always! Hope your weekend is going well!


Gemma Wiseman said...

Love how there is a panel of shadow on one side of the door and fragmented shadow and light on the other! Very lovely!

Laura said...

perfect poem, capturing this moment, these golden framed shadows.

Margaret Gosden said...

A very pretty shot!

Catherine said...

what a beautiful interior shot...

Renee said...

Beautiful shadows, beautiful peom!

Ralph said...

To wake up with the requisite lighting effects that compel a digital remembrance, it must be a beautiful morn. This is the beginning of a beautiful day!

Of course, we don't keep a camera on the headboard, But this might convince us to do so!

EG CameraGirl said...

Lovely shadow in the sunshine,

Americana Lady said...

I feel your poem, nicely done! Joan

Unknown said...

lovely shot and the poem is beautiful

wanderlust said...

Great photo, nice warm colors. I like the poem, too!

Linda said...

a sunny morning can only lead to a sunny day ... lovely photo

Kim, USA said...

Lovely shot and the poem as always is perfect. Happy Sunday!


lynda Howells said...

love the images and the words..beautifulxlynda

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely shadow - lovely poem!