Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Margaret Who Loves Cats

Ashleigh in her winter bed.


I can live without a pet.
Dogs? I can take them or leave them.
Cats? They can take me or leave me.
A dog is fine
For a breeezy,
Barking greeting,
A wet nose in the hand,
A look of abject adoration.
A cat is fine for a twine around the legs,
A thrumming purr,
A tail that tells tales,
A look of disdain.
But both species need to be fed!
Not being a nurturer,
'Another mouth to feed' is a burden.
I wish dogs and cats
To be self-sufficient.
A husband is enough responsibility!
We had a dog called Benjie.
He adored me.
He was like an unwelcome suitor
Pleading for my blandishments.
He followed me about.
I didn't care to be loved.
Ashleigh, the cat, was more reasonable.
She kept herself aloof.
She knew she was an aristocrat.
She was ash-coloured,
So she was named after that vapid husband
In 'Gone With the Wind.'
She realised that this made her special.
We respected each other.
I never respected Benjie.
He showed no taste by falling in love with me!
Ashleigh and I agreed to 
'Live and let live'.
Much more civilised!
The only time I miss her
Is in Winter.
How delicious that warm, purring body
On a cold night.
Winter is on its way now.
Come back, Ashleigh!

The cat psyche here:


Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I like that! Thank you for saying that about them and I feel the same way you do about dogs. Kittens do so appreciate their toys and the various comforts provided besides those they find themselves. As kittens they are endlessly amusing but, alas, as one
famous poet said quite succinctly '...they do grow up to be cats'. Was it Robert Frost, I wonder.

Carolyn Ford said...

What a sweet kitty in that very colorful hiding place! So sweet for Color Carnival!

Kathy said...

This made my chuckle. Although I'm a dog fan, cats are truly amazing creatures.

Jama said...

A cute hiding place for the little kitty!

Kim, USA said...

That most colorful and cozy kitty house I have ever seen. Happy weekend!

CC~Stuff toys

Ricepatty said...

Oh and my fried Martha would love that too - how cozy :)

fini said...

it looks so cozy! i have 15 cats, though..they will be jealous and fighting over it:D

Martha said...

Awww, how cute! Ricepatty was right, I do love it! Not only am I a color lover but also a kitty lover :-)