Thursday, April 29, 2010




It's not a colour I admire!
I never never would aspire.
Partly yellow, partly green;
Not quite either; in between.
If I wore a dress of chartreuse tones.
My entrance would bring shrieks and groans!
My skin would look completely sallow,
Candle-like and a bit like tallow!
But some people look OK you know!
See this picture down below.

However, the colour, it must be said,
Made this poor lady lose her head!

Waking-up to walls like these
Would make me think of some disease!
But Nature always gets it right.
Not too gaudy, not too bright.
Partly yellow, partly green,
Chartreuse leaves are often seen.
What joy the colour then can bring!
Chartreuse foliage in the Spring!

The colour chartreuse would have suited these creatures:

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Roan said...

Very well said! Loved it!