Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeding Time

Thank you for reviving a sweet memory.

Greg will celebrate his fortieth birthday quite soon, so today's prompt was timely for me. In South Africa, where we were living then, July was mid-winter. What a lovely memory to recall! Rebecca, our daughter, was a summer baby and particularly good, hardly ever waking at night, so this is a 'Greg' memory.

The photograph is from the net but very evocative. There's even an arm-chair!


Greg was a Winter Baby, not good for night-time feeding,
So I made-up the spare bedroom with all that we were needing.
In went a comfy armchair, and a small change-table too,
In went a one-bar electric fire to stop us turning blue!
He was a bottle-fed baby. (He's forty now! He survived!
In fact, in spite of worries, he positively thrived!)
Our only light was the firelight; it gave a peaceful glow;
In fact, I remember perfection in that bedroom, long ago.
I'd sit and give him his bottle all in the friendly night
And rarely has the darkness seemed so gloriously bright.
Then I'd croon 'Bye Bye Baby' that Marilyn Munroe number,
And gradually he'd relax and comfortably slumber.
And so would I!
Yes, it's a fact, I'd sleep until the morning!
Until another feed came round, with its usual raucous warning!

The actual snug baby.

Forgetting as well as remembering here:


quilly said...

Sweet memory. Sweet baby. Lovely poem.

Martha Z said...

Thanks for the memories. I enjoyed the late feeding, the house was quiet, just me and my baby. Mine will be 40 and 42 on their next birthdays, hard to believe.

Margaret Gosden said...

Lovely memory. I wonder if 'Bye Bye Baby' rings a special bell for him now?

Jo said...

Brenda, thanks for these memories. My second was also a winter baby; I remember the cold nights all alone with him - but precious all the same. Do you ever miss South Africa? Have you been back since leaving? So many questions: I'm just wondering...

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful memory to recall, Brenda. Very sweet, and with your signature ending that always makes me smile.

And, looking at that peaceful expression on his face, you wouldn't think he'd give such a "raucous" warning.

Melli said...

What a sweet sweeeeeeet memory of a sweet sweet baby! I used to love my quiet time with my babies in the middle of the night... UNTIL they started coming in two's! LOL!

Kat said...

A bottle and a Marilyn Munroe number.... What else one needs? :)))))

Pleeeeeeeeease don't show this to Greg.