Friday, January 3, 2014


 Vasler baby 2012

A musical trio cleverly fashioned

Rising up out of a book.
We view it with awe and you'll hear us all saying
'I just wonder how long that took!'

Who was the first to consider this craft-work?

I'd never have tried it myself.

How fortunate this book was not left to moulder
On some dusty un-cared-for shelf.


Poor flat reindeer, featured in a joke,

Flat on his back the poor little bloke.

In earlier times Santa would have said 

'I hope  the poor little fellow's not dead!'

But now, in this more mechanised age,

Some very erudite, witty sage

Has decided to liken him to a tyre

When he sees fit to expire!

Is nothing sacred? Fairy tales

Have to pass the test of modern scales!

If they're weighed and proved old hat

Well, that is just the end of that.

Any moment Santa might

Use a modern satellite

To guide his cargo through the skies!

Modern life has ceased to surprise.

After all, we can none of us gripe

If Santa speaks over the miles by Skype!


Thursday, February 28, 2013



Brenda Bryant is indisposed.
RINKLY RIMES, therefore, is closed.
Thanks for all the many times
You kept me going with my rhymes.
She may return, or she may not;
Glance, sometimes, at this Blogging spot.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

November Song

I wonder how many people are left to recall this hauntingly melancholy song.
I've changed the words to suit my own mood.


The time was very short from May to November
And it's coming soon, the chill of December.
And sunny days decrease and the years fly by,
And we're all aware that we have to die.
It has gone far too soon,
This life of mine,
Remember September?
'So far, so good' we say, and yet we know
We've had our turn; it's time to go.

The lovely summer rose must bite the dust;
It curls and fades for it knows it must.
It sees the buds below, demanding room;
 It knows it dies for they have to bloom.
And the days dwindle down
To a precious few.
November. December.
And though it fades and dies and disappears
It still keeps smiling through its tears.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Rinkly rimes is temporarily suspended due to Brenda recently suffering a stroke.  She is on the mend and will back rhyming soon.
Dictated by Brenda to her daughter

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



We all know someone tetchy,

Someone who's touchy too,

Someone very easily riled

Who bridles out of the blue.

This man is clearly sulking,

Someone's spoken out of turn.

He could have turned the other cheek 

But such people never learn.

'Tch-tch' is his favourite sound

When he shows his irritation.

Others  have to watch their words

When making conversation.

If this man decides to stay in bed

That's better for everyone.

Living with a tetchy person

Isn't too much fun. 



Some would see a flaw and some a funny chance.

Some would stop and look, some give it not one glance.

But a certain someone saw this as a little artistic joke....

Instead of a flaw he saw it as the outline of some smoke!

He added a little factory and, lo, it was complete!

Now people stop and chuckle as they're walking down the street

To see a little  cartoon where once they saw a wall,

And to see a little  picture where nothing was at all.

' Don't look for the flaws as you go through life', my mother used to say,

Meaning that to notice them simply doesn't pay.

But I think we should notice them and see them as the start

Of a little bit of nonsense that's almost a work of art.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hint of Truth/The Blues


It's just a throwaway line, that's meant to make us laugh

And yet a hint of truth is there as well.

Pretending we don't care is often the way to go

If someone makes our life a living hell.

A bully only enjoys his 'craft' if he can get 'results'

A happy smile can turn his wrath away.

Pretending not to care is a weapon of defense

So we can learn to cope another day.


I wonder why they say 'the blues'

As though that colour is bad news!

I find blues of every shade,

Even when, in time, they fade,

Restful, soft and really charming.

To say  they're sad is quite alarming

And yet the lyrics of blues songs

Always refer to unrighted wrongs,

Broken hearts and Love gone awry,

Words designed to make  us cry.

It's very odd! Nobody thinks

Of saying 'Listen to her sing the pinks.'

Monday, February 4, 2013

Take the Colour/Life Savers

                                      Brenda Bryant

Take the colour from the picture and see the shapes appear.

Suddenly the patterns are made visible and clear.

When colour rules the visual,  the lines fade out of sight,

But we can enjoy their beauty when they're seen in black and white.
Newcastle Life-Savers


Every summer they are out there dressed in red and yellow,
Every one a splendid and adventurous girl or fellow.
When the waves are enormous or there's a nasty rip,
The Life Savers dive in there and they give death the slip.
On their very special craft they bounce through mighty waves.
A Life-Saver never asks for thanks from the people that he saves.