Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prehistoric Passions



The passion for pre-history
Is something of a mystery.
I refer, of course, to certain little boys.
Why should the little threes and fours
Be so entranced with dinosaurs
Preferring them to all their other toys?
I can't see the attraction here!
There's not much interaction here!
Not much to cuddle that is very sure!
And yet I see Triceratops
Is much preferred to lollipops!
What's the attraction of a dinosaur?

Another childish view of prehistory here:


Carol said...

OH so true, and so amusing to read....bryantics was entertaining also...that liitle guy looks like my grandson....enthralled with dinosaurs

Rune Eide said...

The attraction is: They were large,
and they here many, many millions of years ago. And they are not here any more.

photowannabe said...

Wonderful poem. I love the child's view. I sure couldn't cuddle up to one of those myself.

Leslie: said...

You're right - little boys LOVE dinosaurs. I know because I've watched my grandson play with them (toys, I mean). And here in BC, they are a subject of study for kindergarten students.

Mara said...

Hear hear! Never understood them.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful poem and, yes, little boys and sometimes little girls, love the dinosaurs! At least my four did! Great post for the day, Brenda!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Rose said...

I can't explain the mystery, but it's true--my grandkids have all been enthralled at one point by dinosaurs. I'm always amazed at how they can identify them and pronounce those polysyllabic names, too. Clever poem, as always!

Sistertex said...

My little grandson loves these things. Great post.

Hildred said...

A good question Rinkly. Do you suppose that fascination gradually fades away?

Roger Owen Green said...

We keep learning more about the dinosaurs, including the fact that some of the things we THOUGHT we knew are wrong. Endlessly fascinating.

Christina. Sweden said...

Great story to the post.
children today mostly wants everything fast, and moving. something must happen all the time. However my son always wanted to go to Italy and see the Colussem an dto paris to see th ecathederal Notre Dame. Now we have been to both and he enjoyed it a lot :-)

Q said...

I too am wild for pre-history!
I am reading all about the birth of Paleontology in North America.
Great P post....

Bradley Hsi said...

May be I should also wonder why the passions for the prehistoric. I remember the first time to London, I went straight to the Natural History Museum to see th dinosaurs. I was almost 30 at that time already.

Tumblewords: said...

I've wondered that, too. Passion is hard to peg. Perfect post!

jay said...

Such a clever little rhyme, and so true! My boys both went through the dinosaur phase!

I think it's because they're so huge and scary and little boys love huge, scary things. Transformers, aliens, monsters, tanks and aircraft and motorbikes and earth-movers .. see a pattern here?

Doesn't explain the eternal fascination with keys, though, does it?

Judi said...

Nice poem and nice to have a passion, even for dinosaurs!