Saturday, November 7, 2009

Advice from an Old Woman!

This little homily came about because a friend of mine complained about British men being male chauvinists! Well, I think Australian men have got an even worse reputation. But lovely men are no more difficult to find here or in Britain than they are in America! So there! Brenda.


Never mix with chauvinists who judge you by your sex
And never mix with ageists for they are sure to vex.
Surround yourselves with lovely men; there's lots of them around!
Far more than the other sort; at least, that's what I've found.
I never notice men who see my old age and my gender.
I mix with lots of lovely men who just see me as 'Brenda'.


geraldgee said...

Thankyou Brenda,I'm not all bad I hope.

Margaret Gosden said...

It is possible we are confusing different kinds of
apples here! To modify the comment, for the sake of brevity, I was recently recommended a wonderful apple to look for, now in season, called the Honeycrisp. Do you grow this variety in Australia, I wonder. It is delicious!