Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Heavy Hand

Paul Signac



'I won't stand for it!' I said to Rose.
(She sat there in a submissive pose.)
'I've introduced you to suitable men!
My God! There must have been nine or ten!
Arthur Biggs! You left him in the lurch
And he'll go far when he enters the Church.
If you'd married Fred Simpson you'd have been rich!
Serves you right if you end up without a stitch!
And what of Clive Smith! You'd have had it made!
He's filthy rich though he is in Trade.
Yet still you insist you must marry for love!
I don't know what you're thinking of!
Your Mother must try to make you see sense!
But I feel she's just sitting on the fence!
Do you think we married with stars in our eyes!
Too much romance is far from wise!
Your Peter, the sailor, has nothing behind him!
I don't know how you managed to find him!'
'But Father......' (The silly girl then spoke up
And I saw a tear fall into her cup.)
'Hear me out!' I bellowed; 'Your Mother and I
Demand you see sense! No need to cry!
Your Mother's had a wonderful marriage!
Servants! Lackeys! A horse and carriage!
I've been faithful ; I've never strayed;
All I ask is that I'm obeyed!
The perfect husband! And what's more.......'
Just then Clara came in through the door.
She caught my eye and I looked away.
There wasn't much more that I could say.

A very different daughter here: