Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Diary

November 15th
Very late; very short. This has been a very busy week, but photo-less, for various reasons.Tuesday and Wednesday were the culmination of a years effort, when my Melodrama Group put on three of my little plays, one on the Tuesday and two more at the Family and Friends Night on the Wednesday.The Tuesday one was a bit tricky as a member of the cast failed to turn-up and I had to take her part at the last moment. I was so rushed, reorganising that I didn't manage to line-up anyone to take photos. The Wednesday evening was a great success. Last year we had fifty in the audience; this year we had 90! Malcolm took video but no photos! But they laughed almost non-stop. It really was very gratifying. However, I woke up next morning with a raging sore throat and I've been 'under the weather' ever since. Hence this brief note to anyone who follows my activities!
Brenda Bryant


Gill - That British Woman said...

what were the titles of your plays?

Thanks for popping by.

Gill in Canada

Margaret Gosden said...

I was looking for your shadow shot, but it seems to have gone! Couldn't believe you would feel nostalgia over finding a bit of Victoriana! Raging sore throats are a pain, so give it a rest! So glad, however, that you got, once more, to be a part of the show on the receiving end of a applause. No more talking 'til you are better!!!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Sorry you're under the weather, but sounds like you had fun despite the panic.