Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Diary

November 7th

Water and fire epitomised this week in Australia. The flooding in Coffs Harbour didn't have any effect on us, other than to make the skies a uniform grey. Neither did the fire on the oil-rig in the Timor Sea have a direct effect. We were just glad when it was put-out. But I think the Australian tax-payer will hear a lot more about it as the oil-slick has decimated Indonesia's fish-catch! We have other problems with Indonesia at the moment as the two countries are arguing over a boat-load of Boat People. A nasty business and I can't see how it's going to be solved.

Flooding, but welcome rain.

The fire raged for over a week.

The 'American Tragedy' at the Army Camp was both horrifying and intriguing. Surely it was a case of 'Physician, heal thyself!' We'll hear a lot more about this I'm sure.

Mass Murder

And the celebrations regarding the demolition of the Berlin Wall took the headlines too. I even heard one commentator saying that this was the start of the crazy attitude to money! Capitalism became the craze and ended up as the Credit Crunch! Who knows.

The Berlin Wall

Here the spring continued to flourish. I took several photos of our jasmine because it will be gone by next year. It's become too rampant.

On SUNDAY it was Max's third birthday. We just had a family gathering at Greg's house. I didn't get many photos because there was constant hithering and thithering and wet bodies hurtling about! There was at least one peaceful moment when Harry cuddled his Mullard cousin, Nicholas. He was heard to say 'I love Nicholas even more than Weetbix!' Knowing how he loves Weetbix it was quite a compliment!

Harry, and Nicholas Mullard.

And I did manage to catch Max in a quiet moment with one of his gifts.

Birthday Boy.

On MONDAY I enjoyed Lunch at the Beaches with various friends. It's lovely spot.

The Beaches.

On TUESDAY it was Australia's Big Day, when we all celebrated the running of the Melbourne Cup. I chose a horse called 'The Changing of the Guard' (I always choose an English name) and it was scratched! Still, the party was good.

The Food.

The Mood.

On WEDNESDAY I ran my Poetry at the Club meeting. I always love these gatherings and I hope they continue next year. One member is an 87 year-old man who can recite screeds of lovely poetry and discuss it with great gusto. THURSDAY was a disappointing day as I spent it with Becca and Max, but Max was unwell with a cough and needed soothing, and Becca was tied-up with a Computer Guru who was busy transforming her computer. On FRIDAY we had the final dress-rehearsal for both 'Jewelled Jeopardy' and 'Pirate Pie' and all went well. Once next Wednesday is over I'll be able to 'get my house in order'.....literally.

On SATURDAY Rebecca was on her own so she came over to have a meal at the club and to watch a video of the old film, 'Gosford Park', which we all enjoyed.

Till next week,


Margaret Gosden said...

I see Max is wearing my hat! I had thought it had an Aussie look about it. Do, please, save a bit of your jasmine. I am about to look for a book called Sissinghurst by Adam Nicolson (grandsone of Vita and Harold) now living there. Vita was always very ruthless with her gardening order, so perhaps you, too, are one of those.

Barbara said...

Sorry I made you homesick for England with the Autumn colours. If you want to get more homesick just click on 'Autumn' on the sidebar and go to Epping Forest. Amazing photos from last year.

Interesting post. Two of my brothers emigrated to Australia in the 60's when they were mid-twenties and my Mother never saw them again. Must have been hard.
One has died and the other lives in Melbourne so it is 0ver 40 years since I have seen him.