Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Diary

November 22nd

After all the excitement, followed by ill-health, of last week, this week was remarkably normal. The only abnormal thing, and a very worrying one at that, is that the Summer Heat arrived a month early. November is usually fairly mild, but a Heatwave hit us this week and we've probably got to get used to that, because of Climate Change. I always felt the heat from December to March was over-the-top, but I must now think of it as 'November to April'! Thank goodness for air-conditioning, although one feels guilty using it! Of course, there were bush-fires too, although none in our area. The temperature reached 37 degrees on Friday!

A press photo of swimmers cooling-off at the Bogey Hole.

My own early-morning shot at Merewether Beach.

World news faded into the background this week, as my own personal affairs took-over. But we were all spellbound by the separation of the conjoined twins in Melbourne and by the fortitude of the legless Australian who crawled the Kokoda Trail.

Navigating a bridge in the jungle.

'My own personal affairs' weren't exactly mine, but a son and his lively family moving-in next-door is bound to impinge and it's all been quite exciting really. Greg came round a lot to check-up on things.

Here he is leaving on his bike after an inspection.

He then decided to repaint the walls! (He asked permission!) As you can see, he got pretty hot!

Sweaty work!

In our own lives there was a lesser flurry of excitement when we bought a new wide-screen TV. I don't like how it dominates the room, but the picture is great.

An icon on an icon.

On MONDAY and TUESDAY this week I was still without a voice and not very lively, so I did some Xmas letter-writing and sorting-out Melodrama 'gigs' for next year. The heatwave hadn't arrived then, so I had a pleasant relaxing time. In the evening on Tuesday we went to our Book Group. This was held at Anne's house up in the hills, where it was delightfully misty when we arrived. I got a shot but the sun had already set.

The gentle hills of the Hunter Valley.

On WEDNESDAY my Scrabble friends came round for a game and we had our usual convivial time. And on THURSDAY I went to the beach with Max and Becca. We were delighted that we managed to coax Max into deeper water. He actually laid down in it and said 'Water's nice!' so progress was made.

On the way home he fooled about in the flowers.

FRIDAY was dominated by Greg painting next-door. I didn't do anything to help but I was very aware that he was there, and I kept suggesting drinks etc. SATURDAY was a limbo sort of day. Greg and family were moving in next door. He had lots of burly male helpers (he'd hired a truck) and he assured me that there was nothing I could do, but I sort of hovered all day and felt unsettled. Anyway, they're in now, for better or worse. We spent the evening with friends Vera and Angus. When we got home the removal truck was still ferrying to and fro!

Till  next week


Winifred said...

Looks like a hectic week. Lovely photos especially at the beach.

Jinksy said...

A heatwave in November is hard to imagine when you're here in wet and windy UK!

Margaret Gosden said...

The Bogy Hole doesn't look deep enough for a dive like that! I would think that your cup runeth over to have Greg and family live next door - and I am sure they will be as concerned as you are about not wanting to intrude. Anyway, good luck. I always liked the idea of a family compound.