Saturday, November 21, 2009





He lived four hundred years ago
And yet I positively swear
I saw him only yesterday,
Though I admit he'd changed his hair!
That 'young-man' look was just the same!
That arrogance and feline grace,
That look of godlike certainty
Upon his condescending face!
Maybe the hands were less well-groomed;
'Yesterday' chewed his finger-nails!
But the 'young man' features were the same
The 'look' of post-pubescent males.
Change him in your imagination!
Go on ! Give him spiky hair!
Put a ring in his bottom lip
And a T-shirt (grubby) for him to wear!
You've met him too; I know you have!
Though this one's from the upper-crust.
Masculinity at its peak
Full of bravado, cut and thrust......
What a pity that all things come to dust.

Memories of the same here:


geraldgee said...

No,I dont see him in a baseball cap. xx

Lucy Corrander said...

Oh, I see him with spiked hair. With a hoody too. (Only not simultaneouly in case the hoody spoils his spikes.)

This one . . . I'd like to lean into the picture and tickle him . . . get him to return briefly to the relaxed days of his recent childhood when he didn't feel the need to pose.


P.S. The word verification is 'eatudgi'. I'm wondering what udgi is.

Darlene said...

He does look arrogant, doesn't he? We have to remind ourselves that we are just here for a brief time as others have been before us and as others will be as they follow us.