Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missed Opportunities.

Carmi Levy


Some lives touch briefly before they part
But leave a mark upon each heart.
The ways diverge, the paths go on
Before we know it, the meeting's gone.
And yet, in future years we brood,
When we are in nostalgic mood,
On what there might, maybe, have been
Had we stayed longer on the scene
Or followed-up or sent a card,
And we feel life is slightly marred
Because we didn't cling and stay
But waved goodbye and walked away.
Note: I saw this photograph on
and couldn't resist a poem!

A necessary parting here:


Chatterbox said...

Great post Brenda.
It's my first visit to your blog and am in love with it already.

Keep up the wonderful work. It's great to come across another Aussie blogger.


Alan Burnett said...

I rather like the idea of writing a poem to fit in with a picture you have come across. Nicely done.

carmilevy said...

I'm honored by this. You've absolutely made my day. Nay, my week!