Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Quirks

Gerald Gee


I sing in praise of the quirky mind
However it may be defined;
People who see things differently
From prosaic people like you and me!
Gerald, in his quaint cartooning
(Over which I'm often swooning)
Latches-on to oddities
Which are always sure to please!
Yes! We live in a world of magic!
And yes! The witches were vilely tragic.
Had our technology been predicted
The soothsayer would have been evicted,
Ducked in the pond or set on fire
On the village 'funeral' pyre!
Had any 'witch' envisioned blogging
She'd have been given a damn good flogging!
It's such an intriguing consideration,
Such a curious situation!
It never would have occurred to me!
Thank you, thank you Gerald Gee!

This 'witch' predicts that you would all like to see more of Gerald's work at


Kathe W. said...

terrific poem! So apt for these days!

Anonymous said...

hahaha so nice! quirky eh? here's my potluck..

Paulog30 said...

I want to slap my knee and drink a flagon of Mead reading this lovely song!!!

Dragon Katet said...

LOL! This was absolutely delightful! :-D So true!

Anonymous said...

yes, it makes you wonder how people in the past would view today's technology - but maybe many of them would have grasped it after a while! I enjoyed the poem a lot.

Uma Anandane said...

The insight was wonderful.Keep going!

Maggie said...

Ha! Terrific piece.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

what a fun piece...

thanks for sharing..


Olivia said...

hahahaha.. LOLs
This is terrific!
Wonderful words woven together- yay!!!

I loved how you took the witches, science n blogging all together- bravo.. :)

Soar High..

Wishing you a nice week ahead
Love xox

Kavita said...

teeheehee... too good!!!
Cheers to all the quirky ones!! Without them and their awesome perspectives, this world would a VERY boring place indeed :)

"Had our technology been predicted
The soothsayer would have been evicted," -- LOLS!! I just LOVED these lines.... and I actually believe this would be case too!! (still giggling)

Enjoyed your fun poem, Brenda!!

Anonymous said...

"Had any 'witch' envisioned blogging / She'd have been given a damn good flogging!"

Love it! Those are great lines. I like how you took a tragic/sensless piece of the past (witch huntings)and turned it into such a fun read. I will have to check out Gerald's work!

Thank you!