Sunday, November 8, 2009

City Scape

From Brochure



Newcastle, is a city that isn't widely known,
And yet it has attractions that belong to it alone.
Take Nobbys, once an island, till an artificial beach
Was built to keep the wild waves within reasonable reach.
This was in the days of sail, when many ships went down
Traversing the heavy surf as they attempted to reach town.
Now Nobbys is under discussion......should restaurants be built,
Leaving the historians with quite a sense of guilt?
Or should it remain a relic of the days of long ago,
Something that developers call backward-looking, slow?
Watch this space for a year or two then, maybe, you will see
What the outcome of this brouhaha will be eventually.
Newcastle on the map here:


christina said...

I like your photo today and i am glad you like mine. A poem would be nice, let me know when the words come to you!! Have a nice evening!

eileeninmd said...

It will be interesting to see what happen to Nobbys in the future. The developers want to takeover everything it seems.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info and beautiful scene!

Bogey said...

I have another Blogger Friend (Natalie - Musing From the Deep) who lives nearby Nobby's and has taken 'us' on many scenic walks of that area. Pity the day they decide the almighty dollar is worth more than the history! Thanks for keeping us abreast of the events!

Quilt Works said...

That is a spectacular photo! I love the breakers!

"Moonlight becomes you" is my contribution!

Christina. Sweden said...

Nice wiew fron a great angel

Coffeedoff said...

Beautiful photo!