Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Important Interview.



Suppose I were offered a place
In Heaven!
Suppose I were allowed
To design my Heaven myself!
Suppose I had to attend
An Interview
To gain admittance!
Would it go something like this?
State your chosen age.
It is understood that you will remain
This age forever.
Well, obviously,
I choose eighteen.
You do realise, of course,
That you will never see your descendents.
They will never be born.
Better make it seventy, then.
I rather like my family.
You must like them very much
You will be old for all eternity.
Mottled skin?
All right then!
Make it thirty-five!
Not a bad choice;
You'll know your parents and your children.
The youngest child will be waking-up
Every night!
For Eternity!
Would you be terribly hurt
If I decided
To reject the whole idea?
I'd rather have a snooze!


Cheryl Cato said...

So cool! Interesting idea of what age to choose. I think perhaps I'd choose 62, my age now, 'cause it's about as good as it gets. I love my life (as my young great-niece once said).

Heliotropism said...

LOL, there really is no "perfect" age is there? With every age comes a different hurdle. This was a refreshing take on those hurdles.

Patty said...

That would be hard to choose an age to remind for ever and ever. 55 wasn't a bad age, kids were pretty much grown and living on their own. Abe and I didn't have too many health problems then. But can you imagine every morning waking to a screaming baby? I shudder to even think of that.

Granny Smith said...

Clever take on the prompt! It makes one think that heaven should be off as long as possible since we get wiser as we get older. Yes we do! Even if clerks and strangers act as though an almost 90 year old (I'm only 88, actually) is undoubtedly deaf and feeble-minded.

Nice thought-provoking post!

Bogey said...

Very interesting concept. I too think I would like to pass and take my chances. Heliotropism is very wise with her deduction. Makes one wonder what it really will be like in the hereafter.