Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultra Violet


So what's the latest in the news?
Why! Ultraviolet tattoos!
When the light is black they're clearly seen!
(But what, exactly, does 'black light' mean?)
That mild young man you see in the park
May glow with violet after dark!
The hair above looks dark and neat
During the day, when in the street!
But wait till a black-light bulb is found!
He'll glow in the dark then, I'll be bound.
That sweet young thing looking so demure
Will glow with the best after-dark I'm sure!
Purple passion to the fore
But I really wonder what it's for!
One day Grandpa will be retired!
Will his grandkids be inspired
When Grandpa shines all violet!
They'll bury their heads and grin, I bet!
Grandpa will probably feel quite glum;
What a Shrinking Violet he'll become!

A real live Violet here:

1 comment:

Sistertex said...

Awesome! Vivid colors! Great writing. :) I enjoyed your post.