Monday, November 23, 2009

Count the Times.


If you visit this blog you will enjoy a wonderful rendition of the original
'Count Your Blessings.'


Count the times you say 'Hello!'
To someone new in every place you go.
It is really not too hard to do
It is something nice that far too few do.
Count the smiles that you bestow
On someone new who's looking rather low,
And when you leave you'll look behind and see
What magic's wrought by such a pleasantry.
Count the times you smile and say
Some simple words like 'Have a lovely day!'
If sincerity is in your eyes
You will find that's where a friendly high lies.
Count the times you give a grin,
No matter what the state your heart is in
And when you go to bed at close of day
You'll feel rewarded for your give-away.
P.S. I've always been in awful trouble with my family because I speak to strangers! My daughter, as a teenager, used to clutch my arm and hiss 'Mum! They don't want to know you!' But I still think my lack of self consciousness has been a boon rather than an embarrassment.

A very special smile here:

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Kikit said...

I think this is very sweet. It made me smile. :)

The smile is indeed one of the best gifts we can give to anyone for free. :)