Saturday, November 7, 2009

What An Offer!


Yesterday, outside the Butchers, I was offered Paradise!
Anything I was desiring! Though they didn't give a price!
Quail and spatchcock don't enthuse me, but I'd love a unicorn
Cut up into chops and cutlets, and they could include the horn!
Tryceratops could feed an army; there would be more than enough.
And dragons might be very tasty, maybe just a little tough!
How about a pickled puffin? Or a piece of porcupine?
Or a hunk of hefty hippo I could marinade in wine?
Though false advertising's naughty there is something I admire
About a Butcher who can offer 'Anything that I desire'!

The very butchers here:

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Margaret Gosden said...

Apart from your funny take on the list, I wonder if meat is as expensive there as it is here? I used to think that New Zealand lamb was the best, and still do, even tho it came frozen. Domestic leg of lamb here can be as much $77.00 or chops from lamb $10.00 + a piece. Being English born to it, I can opt for offal, the thought of which an American shudders!