Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Polly

Polly Jones


Though you may search high and low
No parrot is around!
But the artist's name is Polly
And she has just been found!
No doubt other bloggers
Have had her on their list,
But her bright and brilliant artistry
Is something that I've missed.
She paints comfortable items
But imbues them with such verve!
Her spoons have such a shimmer!
Her glass has such a curve!
The paint is alway rich and moist!
The colours really sing!
Her flowers have the freshness
Of a never-ending Spring!
So I give my thanks to blogging;
It has given me the chance
To visit Polly's Place on line
And to see her colours dance.
Please visit Polly Jones!

Another artist; another message here:


betty said...

I'm enjoying Polly's website. Thanks for the link.

Lucy Corrander said...

I appreciate the clarity of colours in some of her paintings. Thank you for recommending that site.