Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Pink Rose




Oh! How pinkly pretty!
How miraculously pure!
Not a blemish! Not a freckle!
A work of art for sure.
Was she really that uncrumpled?
That uncreased? That fresh and bright?
Was the day a little cloudy
Yet she was bathed in light?
The young girls of that era
Must have gazed at this in awe
Thinking her the ultimate;
The best they ever saw!
And did they suffer heartache
Because their skins were beige
With here and there the evidence
Of swiftly-advancing age?
Today we talk of models
Who're almost skin and bone,
And we worry that our young girls
May compare and weep alone.
But surely in the old days
Comparisons were made
And 'teenagers' were haunted
By that dire phrase 'an old maid'!
This pinkly perfect poppet
Has been air-brushed, in a way.
The artist's brush transformed her
And that is how she'll stay.

A totally different pink here:

1 comment:

Jinksy said...

She's a bit too close to pink candyfloss for me - a sugar overload! I like a touch of 'warts and all' ! :)