Saturday, November 22, 2008

207. The Parting of the Ways


(Written for the SIMPLY SNICKERS prompt. A SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS effort can be seen below.)


So you see a bird!

I aways knew we were incompatible!
How dull you are;
Seeing what you think you have to see.
Doing as you're told!
Your horizon limited by what you think you should see.
A mere human in a world of angels!
So bland, so conventional, so boring!

I'll give you the horizon;
That I also see.

But a bird?
Don't be absurd!

I see a grey, blotched wall
And an oddly-shaped window.
The top swoops down like a twister;
The left-hand side bears a startling resemblance
To a chimp begging for a kiss;
And, on the right, there's a hill
With an interesting cave.

I long to squeeze through that jagged window
And hover in that blue sky,
Like a bird.

But my own bird, not yours.

I'll pack my bags in the morning.


Bear Naked said...

Very interesting Brenda.

Bear((( )))

Linda Jacobs said...

Our perceptions are always so different! I love this lively poem and I can see you packing your suitcase!

paisley said...

very well done... and yes... i saw a bird........

not any more tho ;)

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Very clever and creative entries!

Thanks for participating at SIMPLY SNICKERS. Hope you will be back tomorrow for another prompt!


latree said...

I saw the bird. but when I read your describe other things, yeah I can finally see it too.

we see want we want to see.

Tammy said...

Delightful poem on different views!

Kat said...

Wow, you wiped the bird out of our eyes..!!!!