Monday, November 9, 2009



Three aspiring detectives had to take a special test;
Only one of them would win by proving that he was best.
A profile like the one above was shown to Student A.
And he was questioned on it in a searching kind of way.
'How would you describe this man?' The Examiner first said;
'Can you tell that he's a criminal by looking at his head?'
'Of course I can!' said Student A.' His nature is quite clear!
I can see that he's a criminal! He's only got one ear!'
He failed, of course, so Student B. was put in the selfsame spot,
And asked the question.....was the man a criminal or not.
'He's a criminal undoubtedly! And I know the reason why!
Look! You can see it for yourself! He's only got one eye!'
So Student B. was failed of course; he left quite hurriedly,
And then The Examiner turned to speak to the Student known as C.
'Tell me about this man' he said  and Student C. replied
'That this man is a criminal just cannot be denied!
He's wearing contact lenses too! That's most incriminating?'
The Examiner was impressed by this and, after hesitating,
He said 'And how do you know that?' The reply? ' It's very clear!
How could he wear spectacles with one eye and one ear!'

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Granny Smith said...

Delightful! As usual.

geraldgee said...

You have surpassed yourself today xx