Saturday, February 7, 2009

296. Peter Pan.

At first sight this photograph seems to have no bearing on 
the MEME EXPRESS suggestion for today which is

But the following true story will explain it all.
(Blake is my grandson).


He wasn't any made-up boy
Who never would grow old.
He wasn't in  a story
That's beloved and often told.
He wont go down in history
As someone brave and bold.
But I tell you.....
His name was Peter Pan.

As you can see this little chap
Was just a kangaroo.
And all he'd do is hop about 
As other joeys do,
He'd never fight a Pirate King
And his dreadful Pirate Crew!
But I tell you......
His name was Peter Pan.

He'd never fight a crocodile
Or hear its ticking clock;
He'd never talk to Tinker Bell
In her pretty fairy frock,
He'd merely hop around the bush
And jump up on a rock!
But I tell you......
His name was Peter Pan.

He was found abandoned on the road.
His mother was quite dead.
A speeding car had orphaned him;
His life hung by a thread.
And a little boy called Blake called out
And this is what he said 
'Let's take him home......
His name is Peter Pan'.

He was wrapped up in a blanket.
That's what a baby needs.
For joeys need home-comforts
More than all the other breeds.
The family got up at night
To give him hourly feeds.
Saying 'Bless him!
 His name is Peter Pan'.

A kangaroo is helpless
For many many weeks
And the comfort of the mother's pouch
Is what the baby seeks,
He can't run wild exploring
All the bush-land and the creeks.
He was demanding,
That little Peter Pan.

A special pouch was fashioned;
He was hung up on a door,
And his little nose came peeping out
As if he was making sure
That the milk was being warmed for him
And he would get some more.
He was greedy,
That little Peter Pan.

His growth was very gradual,
And sometimes it seemed slow,
But after months of special care
His legs began to grow,
And soon they stuck outside the pouch
And dangled to and fro,
He was a comic,
That little Peter Pan.

He loved to kiss and cuddle,
But he was no human child,
And one day he would be set free
To grow up in the wild,
But still we  all remember
We were totally beguiled
By our joey,
Our little Peter Pan.

And, somewhere, in the great 'out there'
A large male kangaroo
Is leaping, kicking, mating,
Doing what the others do.
But I wonder if he ever thinks
Of his own domestic 'zoo'
And the days when his name was
Peter Pan!


Jinksy said...

What is it about a baby anything that brings out the mothering instinct?!

LA Nickers said...

Love the twist in this one.

What a photo!


Kat said...

Must've been a great adventure for Blake and family.

Wondering what Banjo felt about Peter Pan, at home :)))