Friday, February 13, 2009

302. The Last Word

She swept into the restaurant
Making everybody nervous,
Accustomed to alacrity
From those who gave her service.
The flunky pulled her chair out;
She sat down with a flounce.
Not the sort of lady
Whose cheque would ever bounce!
'Waiter!' She flashed her diamond rings,
And boomed so all could hear
'Bring me a dozen oysters 
Now! Not some time next year!
Don't bring me any frozen ones,
And nothing that's imported!
I've been here many times before
And you know I wont be thwarted!'
The waiter wrote down her request
Beginning to move away,
But she rounded on him
Barking out 'I haven't finished! Stay!
Don't bring me any salty ones,
Or any that are small!
And anything other than icy cold
Just will not do at all!
Don't bring me coarse enormous ones
I want a perfect size.
And bring them here immediately!
Sooner, if you're wise!'
The Waiter hesitated then;
For a second there was doubt,
Then he looked milady in the eye
And said
'With pearls or without?'

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