Friday, February 6, 2009


You see before you a mirage.
It could be a cool, translucent moon,
Half-hidden among clouds.
Surely you hear owls hooting.
Surely the world is asleep.
Surely the air is cool,
Maybe even chilly.
But you are deceived.
This is a heatwave sun rising.
Already the air is heavy,
The skin is moist,
The pulse beats sluggishly.
This mist,
Is not a cool caress,
But a warning,
Drifting in from the sea.
Soon it will 'burn off'.
'Watch out' they say
'When the mist burns off.'
It is the height of the Australian summer.
And don't we know it!


Sylvia K said...

And while we shiver in the cold, you sweat from the heat! Go figure! Thanks for photo and the words!

Unknown said...

Mirages not only are real, they are a great metaphor for so many other things in life, that we take for granted, but are as ethereal as a reflection in the sun.

Annie said...

Great photo for skywatch...and poem..

take care in the heat!


Ruth said...

I don't know if I would prefer a heat wave to a deep freeze. I think we all would appreciate something in the middle. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kat said...

a cool poem about a hot sun. We know all about him, with the three types of weather we have. Hot-hotter-hottest..!!!!