Saturday, February 21, 2009

310. Corny!

This was sent to me (in prose form) as the best Blonde Joke ever. I wonder.


A blonde was very puzzled by a jigsaw she was doing
So she phoned her boyfriend hoping he'd come round.
'What sort of jigsaw is it?' he inquired on the phone.
'It'll be something simple, I'll be bound!'
'No! It's really very tricky, and no pieces seem to fit!
It simply doesn't make a lot of sense!'
'Well, try following the picture!' the boyfriend then advised,
'What is it?' 'It's a rooster on a fence.'
'Keep trying!' he responded, 'I'll be there very soon',
(After all, she was as blonde as Dolly Parton!)
As soon as he saw the jigsaw he laughed out loud and said

'Let's put the cornflakes back into the carton!'


Darlene said...

I've heard that blond joke along with so many others, but never heard one put to rhyme before. It's much better when presented in that format.

Kat said...

This blonde girl has taken on such a challenging assignment and sigh... it gets converted into a joke :))))

I am curious, there are no jokes on blonde men?